No experience is necessary to join the team and we welcome all new members!

The Tufts Climbing Team members are expected to train at least 2-3 days per week. The team is separated into groups by experience. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced groups all have the opportunity to train with coaches at CRG Cambridge. Combined all-team captains' practices also take place. Many members add in their own workouts and training sessions, and team members are always invited and encouraged to join when they can. The difference between the beginner, intermediate, and advanced groups is subjective, but our suggestion is to join intermediate once you boulder V2-V4 and advanced once you are bouldering at least around V5. If you are unsure which group is right for you, don't hesitate to ask!

Members of the climbing team are encouraged to join the Tufts Mountain Club to link up with other Tufts climbers. Members of the team receive a discounted membership at CRG Cambridge (the membership is valid at all CRG locations), our home gym. CRG Cambridge offers bouldering as well as training facilities, a workout room, and yoga classes. The CRG locations in Watertown and Randolph include top rope, sport and speed climbing in addition to bouldering, workout facilities and classes. The Tufts Team trains under CRG coaches during the week. Below are the details of the team's membership deal:
  • Coaching for $150 per semester per person
  • Membership for $200 per semester, and $50/month to extend during summer
  • Fitness and yoga classes, and access to all 6 (soon to be 7) CRG locations included 
  • A coaching ratio of 1 coach for every 10-12 climbers
  • On-campus van pickups by CRG three times per week at no additional cost

The team competes in USA Climbing's Collegiate Climbing Series. Team members of all experience levels are eligible to compete. Certain competition fees are covered by Tufts Athletics. 

If you are interested in climbing, but not yet ready to commit to joining the team, the Tufts Mountain Club offers a great set of resources to get you started!

If you are considering joining the team, join our e-list here and keep a lookout for our beginning-of-the-semester general interest meeting and come check us out at the Tufts Student Organizations Fair!